3Every year, Tene Briut holds approximately 5 regional health fairs where members of the community receive health information and materials from a wide range of healthcare organizations.  Tene Briut arranges these fairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, and local bodies including municipal departments and health care funds (HMOs).  The successful turnout of the local Ethiopian-Israeli community is largely due to the enthusiastic support of local Moked Klita (Absorption Services) workers, and the local Clalit Health Services clinics.

Healthcare workers are available for voluntary testing of blood pressure, weight checks, glucose levels, confidential AIDS screening, and dietary advice.

Health fairs conclude with health promotion presentations delivered by Dr. Seffefe, Tene Briut's public health expert and National Coordinator of Health Promotion.

Komba 10/10 POB 3058 Hadera, 38130

Tene Briut

Tene means health in Amharic, and also signifies a jewel basket: an expensive and unique gift to preserve.

Briut means health in Hebrew.  

Health is a gift to be preserved

About Us

Tene Bruit (“health” in both Amharic and Hebrew) is dedicated to improving the health of the Ethiopian Israeli community.


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