altWithin the Ethiopian community, women and mothers play a vital role in family health.  This program provides women with basic health and disease prevention knowledge, an appropriate level of nutrition information and hands-on cookery sessions.

By targeting mothers and empowering them with knowledge and know-how, the program aims to:

  • Empower women to take the initiative in the home to raise the overall health quality of Ethiopian-Israeli families, by providing nutrition education, diabetes information, cookery lessons for healthy family meals and snacks incorporating traditional foods. alt
  • Influence the family unit to adopt healthy lifestyle habits such as regular physical activity
  • Improve the chances of future good health for the younger members of the community, by ensuring that their mothers are aware of how to shop for affordable healthy food choices and how to prepare them for the family.
  • Raise awareness of the perils hidden in junk food, and understanding of healthy snack alternatives
Komba 10/10 POB 3058 Hadera, 38130

Tene Briut

Tene means health in Amharic, and also signifies a jewel basket: an expensive and unique gift to preserve.

Briut means health in Hebrew.  

Health is a gift to be preserved

About Us

Tene Bruit (“health” in both Amharic and Hebrew) is dedicated to improving the health of the Ethiopian Israeli community.


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