altTo minimize the communication gaps between medical personnel and their Ethiopian patients, Tene Briut provides training for healthcare professionals regarding the unique healthcare needs and beliefs of the community and how best to respond to them.  Tene Briut holds training lectures and provides print materials for healthcare professionals working directly with the community, in hospital and clinic settings.

Tene Briut also delivers enrichment lectures for African public health professionals studying in Israel with the Galilee College.

Komba 10/10 POB 3058 Hadera, 38130

Tene Briut

Tene means health in Amharic, and also signifies a jewel basket: an expensive and unique gift to preserve.

Briut means health in Hebrew.  

Health is a gift to be preserved

About Us

Tene Bruit (“health” in both Amharic and Hebrew) is dedicated to improving the health of the Ethiopian Israeli community.


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