Lecture3To advocate the unique needs of the community Tene Briut pressures members of the Knesset, the Departments of Health, Social Welfare and Absorption, and the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) to adopt measures that will improve the circumstances of the Ethiopian-Israeli community and eliminate existing health disparities.

Tene Briut routinely delivers presentations to key people in the Israeli healthcare system to ensure they are kept aware of the recent findings and results of Tene Briut’s activities.

Komba 10/10 POB 3058 Hadera, 38130

Tene Briut

Tene means health in Amharic, and also signifies a jewel basket: an expensive and unique gift to preserve.

Briut means health in Hebrew.  

Health is a gift to be preserved

About Us

Tene Bruit (“health” in both Amharic and Hebrew) is dedicated to improving the health of the Ethiopian Israeli community.


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