Tene Briut's activities and policies are guided by its Board of Directors, which is comprised of Ethiopian-Israelis and Israelis from a range of professions

Board of Directors

Dr. Anat Jaffe

Head, Endocrine and Diabetes Unit, Hillel Yaffe Medical Centre, Tene Briut founder, Secretary Israel Endocrine Society

Chair, medical advisor

Mr. Itzik Dessie, Adv.

CEO of Tebeka (legal aid for the Ethiopian community), legal advisor for several community organizations.

Member, legal and community advisor

Solomon Hailleh, Adv.


Member, legal and community advisor

Dr. Carmel Shalev

Lawyer and ethicist specializing in health, bio-medicine, and human rights.  Expert consultant on health rights and ethics nationally and internationally, including WHO, the European Commission and United Nations. Previously chief legal advisor to the Israel Ministry of Health.  Author of two books Health and Human Rights in Israeli Law (Ramot, Tel Aviv University Press, 2003) [Hebrew], The Case for Surrogacy (Yale University Press, 1989).

Member, legal and health policy advisor

Dr. Naomi Trostler

On the Faculty of the Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Former Director of the School of Nutritional Health, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Member of the Editorial board of Nutrition Today. On the board of the Israeli Association of Nutritionists and Dietitians, former president. Active with the American Dietetic Association, on their research activities and a delegate to the House of Delegates.

Member, nutritional content advisor

Mr. Kassahoon Wandeh MEd

Community Project Manager

Member, community advisor


Advisors, Inspection Committee

Dr. M. Giveon

Physician, Regional Supervisor for Clalit Health Services

Member, medical advisor

Ms. Inbal Rada

Nurse, local council member and community advisor

Member, community  advisor on cultural competence

Komba 10/10 POB 3058 Hadera, 38130

Tene Briut

Tene means health in Amharic, and also signifies a jewel basket: an expensive and unique gift to preserve.

Briut means health in Hebrew.  

Health is a gift to be preserved

About Us

Tene Bruit (“health” in both Amharic and Hebrew) is dedicated to improving the health of the Ethiopian Israeli community.


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